Thematic Map

My life is all about "Outlaw Visions"

1. Earthfolk. What vision arises when you suffer in the Shadow realm of prison for seeking to stop people from murdering one another? An outlaw vision that enables you to see the Other differently, as a Beloved, and practices that enable you to dwell peacefully and comfortably at home on the Living Earth. Earthfolk Invitation

2. Beloveds. How can you, personally, transform yourself and the world simultaneously? Through understanding the rituals of mythic eroticism that you currently practice (for most, unconsciously) and by embracing a radically fresh and vital vision where you behold the Other and are beheld as a Beloved. "A vision of coupled presence." Belover. Sensual Preciousness—a declaration. Internet pornography. The e-novel, "Beloveds."

3. Prison and Mother. Why are prisons built to keep you out? What is on prison's Inside? Inside is the Dark Mother, She who keeps you alive but does not love you. Prison likewise reveals the presence of the Dark Mother in the biblical mythos of the Garden of Eden. While you see the Dark Father god of patriarchal biblical spirituality, He is not alone; has never been alone! Prepare to meet your biblical Mother goddess! “An Outlaw’s Theology" and Prison, Bottoming Out, the Mother.” The three themes in America's Dark Story of Origin. America's "penitentiary" and "Civil Religion."

War and Peace. Why is America endlessly at war? Endless warring is a cultural vision and ritual through which predatory and brutish males bond and society (State and Church) are made One and whole. "The Healing of Vietnam” as part of "Vietnam Undeclared." Also, "Presidential Evangelist for war." Internet and global warring.
Atomic Bomb
and the Garden of Eden.

5. Resistance and Peace Crimes. Why, once, did some Roman Catholics practice "holy disobedience" and risk going to prison to protest the Vietnam war? What happened when the "Documents of Vatican II" were marked "Defendant Exhibit #6" and moved the judge to fearfully declare to the jury, "You cannot read the Documents of Vatican Council Two!"? “Resistance as sacrament.” "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's Personalizing Universe." "Outlaw or Patriot?" And the website "The Minnesota 8" with trial documents and the play "Peace Crimes." Also, Trial transcripts.

6. Revolution! "Kill the dove!" The title conveys the plight and fright that faced war resisters during the Vietnam era. The opening line, "Look, motherfucker, the days of nonviolence are over!" kicks off a ride through draft board raids, prison weirdness, sexual revolution, and, ultimately, a vision of hope. A fictional novel, but then maybe not! "Kill the dove"—novel. Likewise, "Bodywanderer."

7. Mythic self. What do you know about your mythic self? Possibly very little if you are not aware of the three Big Stories
that ground the predatory and brutish male vision that stalks the world (Religious, Scientism, Secular).
Discover your mythic self through embracing the vision and practices of "Sensual Preciousness." Also, are
you one of the "Earthpeople" or an "Earthfolk"?

8. Mythic eroticism. A fictional journey through sexual struggle and the discovery of intimate desire.
Nihil Obstat
—novel Mss. on Smashwords. "Nihil Obstat" means "nothing is forbidden," a
tongue-in-cheek twist on the traditional Roman Catholic Inquisitor's seal of approval.
Also, "Bodywanderer" and "Beloveds."

9. Who is Frank Kroncke?