Outlaw Visions is a resource for you if
you want to transform yourself and
become an agent of Earth-wide change and
assist in enabling
all people to dwell peacefully and
comfortably at home on the living Earth.

It is honest to state that we humans are living in the worst of times.
Mad men still stockpile nuclear weapons and make contingency plans to use them.
In political speak this is heard from our leaders as "All options are on the table."
The question for many is not "if" but "when" will the next nuclear holocaust occur?
Post-World War II history could be evidence for the diagnosis that the world, but notably
America, is a culture reeling under the impact of nuclear post-traumatic stress syndrome.
We can't seem to stop killing ourselves, whether
ecologically, economically, or ethnically.

It is also honest to state that we humans are living in the best of times.
We are the first humans to ever see our planet from outer space—and gasp, Mother!
We are the first to be able to claim global citizenry.
We are networked through a world-wide-web and can
share the richness of all cultures and life-styles.
We are poised to imagine a global vision of human love and justice that is
inspired by and respects all traditions.

Outlaw Visions describes the journey of one who has been seeking to so imagine.
Who believes that "I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
Who knows that if "some day you'll join us" then
"the world will be as one."

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