Trial witness testimony and trial transcription: OCR'd with Omnipage 16. OCR is an imperfect technology. Consequently, the text may still contain errors and irregularities. Original paper transcripts in Francis Kroncke's file at the Minnesota Historical Society. MNHS

United States of America, Plaintiff, vs. Francis Xavier Kroncke and Michael Duane Therriault,
Defendants 5-70 Criminal 19

Volume I - Testimony of Francis X. Kroncke with Closing Argument.

Volume II - Opening statements of:
Thorvald Anderson, prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney
Ken Tilsen, lead lawyer
Frank Kroncke, “Minnesota 8” and attorney pro se

Testimonies of:
Raymond Williams, FBI
James E. Bentley, FBI
Charles H. McCullough, FBI
Colonel Robert Knight, Minnesota State Director of Selective Service System

Volume III - Testimonies of:

Colonel Robert P. Knight, Minnesota State Director of Selective Service

Jane L. Gedde, Little Falls draft board secretary

William G. Lais, FBI Dave Gutknecht, draft resisters, US Supreme Court case

Gordon S. Neilson, Vietnam Veteran

Robert E. Anderson, Vietnam

Romeyn Taylor, Professor of History, University of Minnesota

Marv Davidov, nonviolent activists, founder of Honeywell Project

Volume IV -Testimonies of:
Professor Arthur H. Westing, ecological report on impact of herbicides in Viet Nam
Andrew J. Glass, journalist, 80% of injured and killed in Viet Nam are draftees
Marv Davidov, founder of “The Honeywell Project,” and long-time non- violent activist and teacher
Daniel Ellsberg, former high ranking government official, who had “The Pentagon Papers” in his valise
Michael D. Therriault, one of the “Minnesota 8,” his personal statement encapsulates the arguments of the draft raiders

Volume V- Testimonies of:
Michael D. Therriault, “Minnesota 8” defendant
Staughton Lynd, Professor of American History, Quaker
Alan Hooper
, Professor of Biology, University of Minnesota
Mark Jesenko, lay Roman Catholic Theologian
Al Janicke, former Roman Catholic priest, member of “Milwaukee 14”
Father William Hunt, Roman Catholic Priest, Vatican Council II peritus

Sentencing Remarks

Frank Kroncke & Mike Therriault and Judge Phillip Neville