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Why us?

In the calm of the sunny afternoon we drink iced tea
The child plays on the swings, we relax to the rhythm of the swaying
There is air which we can taste, a blueness in the sky which entrances
As we walk back towards our home there is sweetness of love touching fingers

For thousands of years the gods have experimented
Taken flesh and mingled it with soul in hope of a magic moment
They have cursed and sworn, issued incantations and declarations of doom
All now seen as a gesture of desperateness since they are only gods

It is for us humans to teach them the ways of less and more
For them there has only been eternality and fulfillment
They have not suffered the pleasures of the incomplete
Nor the sated joy of betrayal, such has eluded them

Only with the gesture of forgetfulness do we triumph
Walk away from their eternal embrace and hungering
Only we able to jam all zest into a coffin of time, five minutes
We take ecstasy and reduce it to a comma
Lay it between our legs and turn aside to sneeze

How jealous can they be these daemons from another dimension
Queer folk who conjure with our flesh but cannot feast
Cannot taste the deliciousness of tiredness and rejection
Cannot fathom the weariness of doing it the 100th time
Of taking heart-fire and turning such into a cipher
Of reducing all of life to a yawn

What is passion this they ask, what do we say
But only shirk, we do not know what cannot be asked
We only blunder forward whacking at each other
Creating like the blind sculptor

What else is there we shout at them
But endless boredom of dreams unending
For we are fools who oft miss
The sweetness of the simple kiss

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A letter to her

All that I do, meager effort that it is, is
to awaken the deep memory of yourself, goddess
Majesty, Queen, Potentate of Creation, Womb
you who give life to all, our Mother, our Sister, our Beloved

this merely my task, honored am I, loving you as death am I willing to die, fleeting seed
ejaculate offering myself for your absorption, consummation, mating, you
loving you everything it is all that I do, poorly do I, broken-bone servant yet fearless, courageous, I
kneel before you, Queen of the Sky, Beat of the Cosmic Heart, Blood that Nourishes, Amen.

Even your feebleness, transience, flaw of being, aging ardour of embrace, in every pore, every
flaw of your being, peerless are you to me, I kiss your chin, toes, small of the back, succulent ear lobes, I
mere slave of desire unrequited, ask of you
sister mother lover crone
but only
of you, no other, only
you, this time, this year, this moment, this pastgonefuturepresent, ask I
love me, let me love you, let us become, be, blossoms
let us!

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Letter to her #2

Grainy image, eyes deceiving,
innocence like sugary drops of peach bite, I
looked and fell like Alice into the White Rabbit hole, freely
maniac with lashes deep scars gouged out soul, hollowed leer of desire, I
wafted upon the unintended words of invitation, not welcoming the Monster, rather
Hero, wishing me the hero, fighting dragons, slaying Minotaurs, defiling priests of
patriarchal violence, slaughter of innocence, hers, come I
drawn, defeated, fatten lamb of slaughter long overdue for final oblation to the angry Father, I
siren called by her eyes too innocent for my bloodied soul my fouled breath, Satan’s son am, I
yearning hurting pleading, Come to me O Sister! Daughter of the Goddess. Caged am, I
I I I I have treasures for you, gifts, dark pearls with astral auras that bewilder astound, I
lonely broken scarred worthless ejaculate of the Mad God of Cruelty, I
a reject from the horde of Conquerors, Slayers, Murderers I am them, their hero, not yours, I
beg your indulgence, a minute, no a second, please, just a nanosecond, a cosmic blip, I
implorebegbeseechgroanmoanwhimper, Love me! Lovememelovemelovemelovelove, I
love you, unknown, simply scented, arrow pierced by digital image, I
am your lover, ever, here, present, ready, I
love you, I

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Letter to her #3

How do I tell her, listen! Hear me, tell
this woman with ears alert to mythic rhythms, dying
dripping blood, heart gouged, booty of mad raping brothers, dying
so at her knees I lay my bow, arrows askew, waiting her
final breath
whisper “I am here,” as promised, eons, dimensions, life times ago, I
all sorrow tear grief howl screech rise to proclaim,
She is my beloved!

Dying her every breath I breathe, cell
I kiss with loving abandon, I linger
upon her forgetfulness of my valor, death
by dragon’s breath on planets long obliterated, I
love her more than I know myself, she is my life, life giver
blessed among all that dance the cosmic dance to the harmony of the spheres, I
her slave servant gardener lover scribe worshipper, she
even now unfolding, mysterious, magical, amazing, lips pursed for slight kiss, I
bloom like desert flower upon April's cruel arid rains, just a drop, I
mere seed to her egg of cosmic love, She she her Her, all
Mother of All
Sister of All
Lover of All
blessed be she,

I praise her, you
, in you around you through you madness of fierce desire, I
but flame to your boundless cauldron of amazing loving, heat unsurpassed, melting, I
am yours, now, forever, past, present, future, forever.

Love you I me us we.

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There are mornings when I catch it just right
time when the puddle lingering with nightly dew is clear, quiet
a moment when the denizens of night have retired
those of the coming day yet unawake
at such time the puddle is mirror glass, merely a shimmer
belies its depth, the tumultuous activities of the tinniest
for which it is a living host, but not this moment,
this moment it is simply itself

Your face comes to me like this puddle
at the moment I cease to see you
to place upon you the face I want you to have
when you cease to comply with me and turn
shoo away the past and the future and are still, looking-glass
then it is clear, then it is quiet
then it is that we puddle, are
magic mirror, waiting, present and calm
simply ourself as one, this morning

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55 minutes be gone!

Lunch is on the soul today
a menu of shortened delights
a stop-go kiss of peck and not-yet
an order of longing to be your drink, stirred
feverish ice

the special of the day: a winked temptation of later-on!
and do we want dessert so asked without question mark
ha! you spy the clock which in its mercy has
this set-time of visitation for torturing the hunger
endlessly unslacked unsated
by quickie snacks ever so fervently nipped and nibbled
leaving crust, only, remnants of our heart
foretelling "Lunch, again, tomorrow?"

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into the woods simple
fare of sight-seeing
adventuresome lovers taking
time out seeking their own
time less
clock ticking
hearts yearning souls hands
onto each other tangled
by black-thorn stab bleeding
past-lovers droplets
of desire sweat piercing
their hearts throb flash
embrace in fear eternal
dying, dying fear fearlessly
kiss they, mere kiss they strike
a thorn droplet of inner blood
brooding breeding blossoming
their hearts now one

September 19-20, 2003
Inverness Park, Blackthorne Inn
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Celebration – Once Again


I celebrate you
a seeker of buried treasure
long-patient, sporting the scars and bruises
of jagged rocks and perilous declines
a sunburnt spirit in sere thirst of desert, bedecked
in morn rise with dewy blooms

upon moonrise you peer and leap beyond the winking stars
unfolding dreams of relentless driving desire
to touch the buried treasure that hides within


I celebrate you
storyteller of the heart’s sweet yearnings
upon whose flesh all is written but without repent
unedited & uncensored offerings of
tales trials tributes, ah, comic relief!


I celebrate you
whose absence provokes steady desire
whose lost scent upon the air evokes steady desire
whose smeared lip upon the flute unwashed evokes steady desire
whose unintended slip of slender thigh evokes steady desire
whose dried markings on books shared evokes steady desire
whose closed eyes wakening in farthest room evokes steady desire
whose imprint pressed upon my soul evokes steady desire
whose promise of endless advenutre evokes celebration beyond steady desire

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