1. Doorway to time 2. Moonstone 3. Late At Night, Towards A.M. 4. What Is To Be Done?

Moonstone flesh wakes
deliciously unaware
of embrace delirious
upon the breath of morn's

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What Is To Be Done?

Our life together could not be less simple,
less complicated than any relationship you have ever had.
It is merely a basket of full moments. None lost. None drifting away in boredom or lack of attention. No. Just the unhurried consistent fullness of desire. For every moment
savoring the other moments of your presence. Every molecule of your flesh. Coming into your presence in a Now which marks not time, waits not for dinner at a fine restaurant, wants not to be diverted by Monday Night Football, simply exalts in the mere presence of the shadow of your hair. Such is it, and it shall always be.
You as the shadow of my soul. Me as the smile upon your cheeks.
You as the comfort of embrace. Me as the soother of your aching sole.

These are days of such harsh conscious awareness. Of the fear
of missing you in a turn of distraction. Of the craving desire to behold you upon every level.
Such will in time relent; submerge itself into the dream. The dream which is the forever of us. Forgotten how we have been together from a forever Moment. Dreaming.
You are my dream. You are dream.
Dreaming are you as such me and we.
It is the free fall into the trust of the delight of our embrace beyond conscious intent.

What is to be done?
It is the attending to you, the separateness of you
the completeness of you
empty spaces and bombastic thrill of you
the song of you, tempo and rhythm
the wait upon you, late as always
of delight of unwordable words, my failures
all praise of you, praising you
adoring you, and so myself
for it is the new self, this Other
which is to be done
created, birthed
from the simplest of breaths: I love you

I love you
forever: now
beyond kiss embrace coupling
knowledge desire
just you

this, to be done

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