1. An angel visited me 2. Chisels 3. Embrace 4. Simplicity 5. Nothing but 6. I sit here wondering

7. I'll bring you tea, unrequested 8. There is a love 9. Upon our passing

10. Waiting in prison's visiting room (for her)* 11. What #2

An angel visited me this eve
Took my hand and touched her lips
The forever unspoken word of love she proclaimed
With tender caresses and caring eyes, a press of hearts
Which drew a startled light from the precious darkness of my being

Upon her hair we latched sweet desires of our embracing soul
Upon her breasts I laid full sigh in restful endless joy
Upon her cradle she spread me a sensuous quilt of comforting yearning
Upon herself as me and me as she cuddled we, dreaming

When I awoke this morn it was I an angel to be
To walk the day between night’s mysteries a lover
Embracing all who be, truly simply a loving endlessly
For within me now is she and he be I her unspoken word, proclaimed

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
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It is the terrors we share, caged
slashed by good intentions, caresses of
lovers gone wild with our juice, blessed by
our loving openness, vulnerable, tear they our
nothing left but detritus of a misplaced love.

Brush lips, whisper praise to stirring hearts,
it is good, most mornings
aresses yield to the fierce fire of acceptance,
submission, kneel we so
most mornings, others
wrenching blooms off swollen blossoms, yielding
crushed, mangled,
swatted, threatened, all this pain yet
love like liquid healing oozes through veins of twined hearts no
longer lonely

angels of lost dreams, nightly
on pillows sodden with sweat, passion’s residue, suffering
hours, minutes, seconds till he she leaves, intent upon returning

Shall we suffer again, rock yielding to sculptor’s chisel?

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mine eyes have seen, lips
pressed in silent code, heart
thumped by stillness, hands
blinded by unsated desire, arms
tightly wound binding wounds unclosed, ears
lost in echo of whispered delights, me
in pieces, shards for assembling, body
full, swelling, relentless longing throbbing, you
our eyes have seen, us
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you never asked, so sent was me
you never wanted, so needless was me
you never invited, so unruly was me
you never complained, so awestruck was me
you never forgot, so forever is me

you never withheld, so beyond love am we

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Nothing but
I am to pull the shade aside that day when you shall die
This assignment unrequested they have already assigned
To sit and set my soul within thy sun my face towards your moon
All that I be, be best within thee, this already mine

It is for me to taste the fleetness of the sweet kiss of life upon your cheek
To press my heart against your breasts, know the flush of your feral heat
To lounge within the summertime of rest next to your soft thighs
To play with all your soul and prepare for the moment you expire

For some of us it is given to run the race so full
To go the extra distance and end atop the hill
To look upon the valley below and yearn with all our hearts
To capture but a moment of a smile, a kindness of so sweet of heart

Yes there is fate and there is choice and there is wisdom kind
But nothing ever can repay the steely faithfulness which is mine
Nothing but the tender kiss of your forever lingering lips entwined
All this for each of us but ever yet a moment sublime
T’is this moment thine, a flash of you as mine

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I sit here wondering why the world has shown me your face.

I sit here unable to move, enrapt by your lingering smile on my lips my fingertips

I sit here inside a patience long-preached but just now dancing

I am not sitting for my form is all sigh-filled desire

I am not, no longer, unable not to be you

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I’ll bring you tea, unrequested
I’ll butter your bread, in solitary anguish
I’ll rub your feet, in celebratory submission
I’ll read you a bedtime story, fearlessly

I’ll hug you with arms tireless
I’ll laugh at the comics while you sleep
I’ll think a thought not thoughtless about your wiggle
I’ll dance to catch the rising moon upon your cheek

I’ll disappear so that you won’t forget me
I’ll burn with fire so that you are not cold
I’ll carry you in my arms beyond the deathless desert
I’ll lie down next to you braced by the courage to die

I’ll bring you tea, when requested

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There is a love
which only I bear
drawn from my heart
without despair

It is a love not yet divine
which ever labors to entwine
the sweet enchanting lullabies
of inner soul and kiss sublime
and so become the song we be
at such moments of lilting reverie

There is a love
which only you bear
drawn from your heart
without despair

It is a love so enchanting and so alive
that I seek merely to survive
simply to be but a memory
of your kiss, a touch, a revelry
within the warmth of your embrace afire
knowing no end to such a desire
of all that I am as I adore
your sensual holiness evermore

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Upon Our Passing

This day of our dying
Earthen death
Flesh celebrated by those we love
Gathering here in rain and snow they come
Wondering how it could have happened
Not knowing that in this passing
So do we live

For now we can say I love you
Without fear of betrayal or forgetfulness
Utter it with tonguelessness and arms decayed
Embrace each other with legless clutch
Ha! yes, what is dying but the freedom
To proclaim our love so everlastingly?

Let us not ask how this is nor the why
Let us accept the universe as it plays us out
Mere voice this moment now mere embrace
Everything which is lost is now regained
In eternal decay is our flower reborn

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Waiting in prison's visiting room (for her)*

Grass knee high, bugs
buzzing doing what bugs
Dig it?

Smooth silvery slither, she
dig it?
Like, man, the vibe that created it all!
Dig it.

Smile, hers, slicing my heart, man,
Tell me, man, did you ever, I mean ever,
cell block hard ass lover’s tears, man,
did you ever?
I mean ever, know she was comin’?

Touched her face, outline, soap on mirror
four thousand times, drawn, washed away, my
nothing else will do, no Bon Ami, no Brillo pad, just
long silent nights under coarse sheets, numbered
waiting, knowing, she’s there, hoping, knowing, damn
they don’t want me to hope, not to know, but I know
about, in fragrance of a walk, drop of the left hip, saunter
I melt in the Visiting Room, knowing her Sister waits
for me,
yeah, for me, not you, but me! Goddam
life is good here in lock down!

Dying on cold Minnesota mornings in Sandstone, FCI, she
on slither of ice, spars blinking sunspots in my eyes, I know
no name, unnamed, yet, now I know
her name

In dreams I walk the streets of a small nameless town in a forgotten state
ever present to her blessedness.

I am in love.
I am loved.

Amen. Amen. So it is.


*Sandstone, MN Federal Correctional Institutions
8867-147 = inmate number
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What #2
What is love but an unknown desire
raised by lust to a heat afire

What is love but a cold refrain
driven by the frozen rain

What is love but a hoot and holler
flinging hay onto the pyre

What is love although full and strong
but a lover broken-hearted in full song

What is love but a passing fling
of timelessness and suffering

What is love if all conspire
to douse the flame of sad desire

What is love why do you ask
am I not up to the task?


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