Salute to the Minnesota 8

"We of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace salute you in a most anti military manner. We love you. The fact that you are considered criminals is stranger than fiction. We know who the real criminals are. The men who put our buddies in those graves over there, in wheelchairs for life, in mental wards, in drug wards, and on the streets without jobs; the men who put us on the other side of the world to destroy a country and a people, are the real criminals.

We have seen the results of criminal behavior on a global scale. We know who the real criminals are and I think the people know who they are. We know that what you did was to try and stop the war machine and the death machine here at home, at the source. We demand a full pardon for you, the Minnesota Eight, as well as amnesty for all draft Resisters and deserters who are suffering as a result of their beliefs. Our brothers will be in jail for us, let us remember that we are on the outside for them. HOA BINH!"

(Footnote: Read by John Sherman, written by him with help of Chuck Logan, from "Minnesota Homefront Sniper" Nov. 1971, vol. 2 no. 1.)