Fiction—ebooks on Smashwords

"Kill the dove!"

"The Bodywanderer"


"vOYAGE: O'side"

"Nihil Obstat"

"The Confessions of Friar Killian, O.S.O."

"The Confessions of Friar Killian, O.S.O.—Volume 2, Erotic Disciplines

"Generations: The Erotic Spirituality of an American Family"

"Intimates: A journey towards Sacred Sexuality"

"meWe: An exploration of the erotic fullness of human person"

"The Hand: a millennial imagining"

"The End Time"

"To everyone else it was only sex" (short stories)

"Hummingbird"—short story

"Poetry strewn along life's pathways" (poetry)

"Outlaw, Inmate, Friar: Tales Untold"—short story collection

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