1) "The character of the (Draft) records are no more 'irrelevant' to this matter than the character of the records would be if these were records perhaps of Jews being selected out for burning in the ovens of Dachau."
Attorney Kenneth E. Tilsen during Opening Argument

2) "Those who act out of an allegiance to a Higher Law than the Law of the Land are making Jungle Law." Judge Edward Devitt at the Sentencing

3) "This is a difficult for me to say because, in a sense, I realize that I am naming you, in my understanding, as an immoral and evil person to people. But somewhere the problems of society go on, and somewhere people have responsibility, and you are the type of man who has had many people come before you with problems, especially with reference to the War, and you have, seemingly consistently as have all the judges in this District Court handled them in the same way, saying: “Well, the responsibility lies somewhere up there." with some unknown God called the State."
Defendant Frank Kroncke to Judge Philip Neville at the Sentencing

4) "Since the right to command is required by the moral order and has its source in God, it follows that, if civil authorities legislate for or allow anything that is contrary to the will of God, neither the laws made nor the authorizations granted can be binding on the consciences of the citizens, since we must obey God rather than men. Otherwise, authority breaks down completely and results in shameful abuse.”
Read several times during the trial, a quote from Pope John XXIII, Pacem in Terris, Part II, par. 51.

5) "Mr. Kuesner.”

“No. The only thing I have seen there has been some signs painted on the sidewalks saying, 'Hang the Minnesota 8!' I don't think that would influence me."
Prospective juror’s answer during the Voir Dire examination.