The moon rises, the sun in full celebration

When the seed is nestled in the earth
all is hope
of what can be
: the beloveds meet in the blush

When the green shoot rises
such frailty is hopeís courage
and joy of being is unbounded
: the beloveds embrace and touch each otherís unknown

When the buds grace
the thickening root and limbs
the song of inner beauty strikes its first note
: the beloveds blossom into their own mystery

When the flower scores the sky
and becomes the kiss of sky and earth
the never-ending dance rouses hearts all around
: the beloveds embrace and melt into their wisdom

When petals gnarl and seeds are jettisoned
the pangs of hearts and yearnings of souls
reach out towards Moon and Sun
: the beloveds transform and so begin, forever

The sun rises, the moon in full celebration





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