Poems 2013—new and reworked

Poems 2013—new

First sight
I’ve never seen the softness of you so
on display in the ease of your smile, I
found words choking in my throat, eyes
too much in their exploration of you, were
you embarrassed in any way knowing that I
was rejoicing at having found you here
in a wisp of a town, a godforsaken smudge on
the map of...of what?
my heart, my yearning years, I guess
you will simply have to step up and
say, “C’mon!”

Did you know? Could
you have understood the moment I...
forget it, I mean, is it my task to
teach you, am I your maestro or
are you my blind mute idiotic guide
to our unknown heart?

Still I see you coming, exiting
say a car and walking up to my door inquiring
is this...? and
of course I say, Why shouldn’t it be? you
a thousand years younger full of wildness, yet
waiting for the soothing hand of a tired life, one
struggling with simply stupid stuff as I rifle through this and
that trying to lift this up and say Are you there? and other
such a word, it now exists to define me, the elder on
a rampage for the redhead with blue, no, green eyes, laughing
at my inadequacies which you simply adore and I fool that I am
can’t figure out that you’ve already said, “Yes!”

What? Of course I thought it was her, teenager
your mother, dancing like wild child we
laughed twirled sweated and heartbeat just
an inch from one another in an age of innocence where
a kiss was near a commitment to marry, laugh
because I do now, but it is you, daughter, long awaited on
a scale a landscape inconceivable by me but known to you the
instant you said Yes this is my time, I will find him, let me go
so born were you to re-birth my soul in a time
out of place with all that anyone knows but us—come
I have waited and am happy that you are here, my